My Sister’s Keeper

Okay, so I'm just going to say upfront that this definitely isn't the kind of book you should be reading if you're worried about triggers because you have lost a loved one to illness or an accident. Most people are probably familiar with the movie, "My Sister's Keeper." Cameron Diaz gives a, frankly, phenomenal performance … Continue reading My Sister’s Keeper


The Boys in the Boat

"The Boys in the Boat" follows the American crew team that competed and won gold at the 1936 Olympics in Germany. This book is a different genre from those that I usually read, but it's an incredibly inspiring story. Although it follows the lives of all nine members of the crew team, it focuses specifically … Continue reading The Boys in the Boat

The Stormlight Archives “The Way of Kings” and “Word of Radiance.”

I just finished reading the first two books in a potentially 10-book series known as, "The Stormlight Archives" by Brandon Sanderson. Next to "Harry Potter", it is probably the best book series ever written, and I'm only two books in! Many might say it's even better than "Harry Potter", but I will never betray Harry … Continue reading The Stormlight Archives “The Way of Kings” and “Word of Radiance.”